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I'm having popup menu woes. Currently I'm using GnomeUIInfo and gnome_popup_menu_new(), but it's giving me lots of headaches because I can't seem to use the user_data field in GnomeUIInfo. I know this is overridden by gnome_popup_menu_attach, but sometimes the menu items can get activated before the menu has been popped up, e.g. by a keyboard accelerator, or because I'm setting the value of a toggle menu item. This results in NULL getting passed as the user_data no matter what I put in GnomeUIInfo.

My question was going to be "how do I get around this?", but looking in recent Gnome source it seems that hardly anyone is using gnome_popup_menu anymore, so perhaps I should be asking "what's the best way of doing a popup menu these days?"

Does anyone have an answer to either?

Cheers for any help,


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