Re: Converting GTK project to GNOME 2

Rich Churcher wrote:

I can appreciate that. Besides, I don't think I need the extra
complication of learning Bonobo on top of everything else.

Ok, so perhaps the next point should be for folks to suggest a good
example. Preferably a GNOME 2 application that isn't gargantuan, but
shows off correct practice that the GNOME developers would like to see
in new or converted G2 projects. 'Correct' being one of those loaded
words that inevitably starts arguments ;o)

Traditionally, gnome-hello is a showcase for the technologies you can use. I think it'd also be a VERY good idea to read GNOME HIG (human interface guidelines - the correct URL escapes me at the moment) before you do anything else. As for the small apps... gnome-utils and gnome-media are probably a good starting point.


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