Re: Converting GTK project to GNOME 2

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 06:59, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Rich Churcher <churcher ihug com au> writes:
> > So: write a component, or avoid Bonobo?

> This is a bit controversial

	Not _that_ controversial :-)

> but my opinion is that Bonobo should only
> be used when you explicitly need rich out-of-process communication.

	Yes - preferably on the same machine. Ultimately you need to ask
yourself why you're using any given tool.

	_Unfortunately_ today's world being what it is - you almost certainly
want to use SOAP for internet wide IPC - since it goes through
fire-walls. So checkout the 'soup' module.

> If you're just doing a GUI, I'd stick mostly to plain GTK and libglade
> for the GUI bits, use gnome-vfs, gconf, etc. where appropriate, etc.

	Yep - plain libglade / gtk+ sounds good for everything GUI. Of course -
if you think you can feasibly use a mail / file transport for the game
moves - it'd be nice to have a bonobo component that can be used inside
evolution for making moves etc. Depending if you think that's a good
idea - the same thing would view boards inside nautilus; it just depends
if that's worth doing :-) Hopefully in some ideal future it'd also plug
into Mozilla ... but problems there some of the chicken and egg variety.



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