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This is a mail about the GNOME Clipboard Manager. You can find more
information about this application here :

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 16:57,
on the Gcm-Devel mailinglist Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> I have imported the gcmapplet module in cvs.
> This will be a very simple PanelApplet for controlling gcm


I got the PanelApplet working. Read : I made a PanelApplet with libgcm
support that shows a label in the Gnome2 panel with the text "test" :-)

In human language this means that the Clipboard Manager applet will be
finished very soon.

What else is finished ?

libgcm : A library for (remote) controlling GNOME Clipboard Manager
(works a lot like libxmms)

plugin support : The support for plugins in GNOME Clipboard Manager
(works a lot like the pluginsystem of xmms)

libgcmtest : A small glade application with libgcm support that 
demonstrates all possibilities of libgcm.

sampleplugin : A sample plugin for GNOME Clipboard Manager that
demonstrates all possibilities of the plugin support of Gcm.

A first test applet with libgcm support : The default PanelApplet that
will be shipping with the GNOME Clipboard Manager releases. This applet
will have all functionality such an applet needs.

The idea is to make GNOME Clipboard Manager a non-visible Gnome
application (a.k.a. a deamon) that does all clipboard management in the
background. Applications with libgcm support can make GNOME Clipboard
Manager show her UserInterface and/or make GNOME Clipboard Manager
threadsave perform specific functions.
The pluginsystem is to avoid that (future) programmers of GNOME
Clipboard Manager -like me- will make GNOME Clipboard Manager bloatware.
Most new features that go into GNOME Clipboard Manager should be
programmed using the pluginsystem of GNOME Clipboard Manager i.m.h.o.

Examples of such a new feature is the possibility to send and receive
items from other hosts running GNOME Clipboard Manager. Disabling this
plugin would then disable 'all' networking code. Maybe other Clipboard
Management systems of other Operating Systems or desktop systems can
someday corporate with GNOME Clipboard Manager's networking plugin :).

Feel free to mailbomb me with comments and suggestions :-). And please,
no comments like : "huh? why do we need a Clipboard Manager". My answer
will be "We don't, don't use it, bye".

Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:me at freax dot org
Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes.

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