Nautilus alternatives

Hello to all comrades. I have bit tired of nautilus (both 1 and 2) and
it's wankiness. Is there any alternatives and if I would like to make my
own app to draw desktop and file manacing where should I start?

I appreciete following options:

 - easy to script (common tasks should be written in 
	python/emacs/perl/shell scripts. Human is always too slow and make 
 - fast and light
 - minimun amount of components (sure it should be able to run helper 
	applications :)
 - some Open Source licence
 - not so fancy-wanky (who needs themes or crap like that)
Emacs doesn't have support for this kind of tasks --- what o pity :P

Risto Peranen ( Risto Peränen with proper lang setting )
mailto iamgod jyu fi 

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