Interpolation support in Gnome Canvas?


   I am developing an image viewer application using gtk and gnome.
   I am developing it on Redhat 7.3 and am using KDE 2.1.

   I am using Gnome Canvas in anti-aliased mode. I have used libtiff
  funtions to load the tiff images and then create GdkPixBuf objects
  from the raw data. I insert the pixbuf into the Canvas as a
  GnomeCanvasPixbuf item.
  The images are being displayed but are not very clear.

   After  analysing the Eye Of Gnome application i have come to the
   conclusion that the problem is interpolation. My reading tells me
   that the gnome canvas by default uses INTERP_NEAREST interpolation
   type while rendering an image.
   If i am correct
	Is there some method by which I can provide atleast BILINEAR interpolation
          support to my canvas ?
         Else is there any alternative to get clarity in the images that are
being loaded?
   If I am wrong
         Please tell me what I have to do to include BILINEAR support in the
canvas ?

   I have even posted this query in the gtk-app devlopers list, but have
recieved no response!!
   This is a request to all gtk/gnome gurus to help me out.

Hoping for a positive response.

thanks and regards,

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