Re: gconf2 schema installs as user.


> Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas urgent rug ac be> writes: 
> > I just want to ask here what you consider the best way to make this work 
> > by default in both cases (user installs and system installs).
> > 
> I guess the way it works right now is that you would pass 
> --with-gconf-source=whatever alongside your --prefix=myhomedir.
> Well I'm not sure the configure option is --with-gconf-source but 
> it's something like that.

Yes, I've seen that option; I'm trying to think of a solution without it.
My general strategy would be to
a) have gconftool-2 have an option that would give you a default writable 
schema install dir (which I suppose is doable, no ?)
b) use this call and option at INSTALL time so that we get a writable path

It looks like this is sane (unless you see something I've overlooked), 
with the crux being b), so if you'd consider this a good way to attack 
this I don't mind looking into it and cooking it up.  The template 
automake code is used  by every project in gnome, so it'd be nice to make 
this possible.



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