Re: Gnome Bucktracking disfunctional?

fre, 2002-10-25 kl. 13:35 skrev M G Berberich:
> Hello,
> Am Friday, den 25. October 2002 07:00:21 schrieb Elliot Lee:
> > On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, M G Berberich wrote:
> > 
> > > maybe it is a bit exaggerate, but at the moment there seem to be no
> > > mechanism that makes sure that bugreports get proccessed in any
> > > way. So if the maintainer doesn no longer care about its bugs nothing
> > > happens at all. This might be O.K. for someones personal project but
> > > not for a gnome core component.
> > 
> > > BTW: it is very frustating to make patches to (severe) bugs in gome
> > >      and realise that nobody cares.
> > 
> > It is indeed, but the flip side is that it's frustrating for the
> > always-busy maintainers to have people complaining about inattention to
> > bugs, when there is nothing those maintainers can do about it.
> > The only remedy is getting new people working on bugs, and you probably
> > have more ideas than I how to make this happen. I believe the
> > gnome-bugsquad mailing list is a good place to offer help.
> Maybe I missunderstood your statement, but I wrote about bugreports
> _including_ patches.

There's always the possibility of offering to maintain something that
isn't properly maintained from the project itself. I'm assuming that
you're talking about the zvt patches you have on your website. I applied
one of the patches to zvt in gnome-libs for 1.4.x, but the one adding
the CutToBeginningOfLine feature has not been applied for the simple
reason that we're really not supposed to be adding features and api in
the stable branches, and secondly I have no knowledge of how the
terminal widget is supposed to work so I can't really review the patch
in any sane way.

The main problem here has been the lack of maintainership for 1.4.x.
I've tried to do my best to incorporate the patches that have been
floating around and I dare say I've gotten a few in, but the sheer
amount of stuff has made it impossible to do it all. And I don't think
the terminal is the most critical piece of software in the desktop :-)

Anyway, I'd gladly take any help I can get in maintaining this and I'm
sure that's the same for a lot of the 2.x stuff. Sticking it in bugzilla
and leaving it up to the maintainer isn't going to work in all cases.
You need to do some lobbying to get stuff in in many cases.

Cheers and thanks a lot for the patches anyway.


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