Re: Gnome Bucktracking disfunctional?


Am Friday, den 25. October 2002 13:54:12 schrieb Kjartan Maraas:

> There's always the possibility of offering to maintain something that
> isn't properly maintained from the project itself. I'm assuming that
> you're talking about the zvt patches you have on your website. I applied
> one of the patches to zvt in gnome-libs for 1.4.x, but the one adding
> the CutToBeginningOfLine feature has not been applied for the simple
> reason that we're really not supposed to be adding features and api in
> the stable branches, and secondly I have no knowledge of how the
> terminal widget is supposed to work so I can't really review the patch
> in any sane way.
> The main problem here has been the lack of maintainership for 1.4.x.
> I've tried to do my best to incorporate the patches that have been
> floating around and I dare say I've gotten a few in, but the sheer
> amount of stuff has made it impossible to do it all. And I don't think
> the terminal is the most critical piece of software in the desktop :-)
> Anyway, I'd gladly take any help I can get in maintaining this and I'm
> sure that's the same for a lot of the 2.x stuff. Sticking it in bugzilla
> and leaving it up to the maintainer isn't going to work in all cases.
> You need to do some lobbying to get stuff in in many cases.

Actually I'm talking about gnome-2 stuff.

#94745 multiload-applet-2 graphs are off by 3 pixels 

#94896 libzvt-2 uncorrect display of terminal-content 

#94897 libzvt-2 word select anomalys

The last two are the same bugs you mentioned above for 1.4.

At least the "uncorrect display of terminal-content" should be fixed
-- I dont like my terminal to lie to me.


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