Re: Gnome Bucktracking disfunctional?

fre, 2002-10-25 kl. 14:22 skrev M G Berberich:
> Hello,

> > Anyway, I'd gladly take any help I can get in maintaining this and I'm
> > sure that's the same for a lot of the 2.x stuff. Sticking it in bugzilla
> > and leaving it up to the maintainer isn't going to work in all cases.
> > You need to do some lobbying to get stuff in in many cases.
> Actually I'm talking about gnome-2 stuff.
Oh, sorry I misunderstood you then.

> #94745 multiload-applet-2 graphs are off by 3 pixels 
> #94896 libzvt-2 uncorrect display of terminal-content 
> #94897 libzvt-2 word select anomalys
> The last two are the same bugs you mentioned above for 1.4.
> At least the "uncorrect display of terminal-content" should be fixed

I'm running with both these from October now and I'll probably include
them in the next release of gnome-libs.

I have a couple more for you to look at if you feel like it :)

"iptraf makes zvt misdraw"

or really anything you find you're able to fix on this list:

Thanks a lot one more time, and I hope the fixes make it into libzvt for
GNOME 2 also.


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