Re: Some questions on double buffering and expose in gtk2.

Martin Sevior <msevior physics unimelb edu au> writes: 
> After the drop down combo box that lists the available fonts retracted,
> there was big white patch in the Drawing Area where the symbols are.
> It also shows up in other widgets with previews where the contents of
> the preview are not displayed on the initial expose.

> I think about what you said. I suspect that there is GTK 2 bug here to
> do with merging expose events between widgets and drawing areas. I'll
> see if I can come up with an exact test case to either isolate the bug
> or find out what we're doing wrong.

I poked around in the code a bit, but I'm probably not looking at the
right files. I don't really see what might be wrong. Looks sane.

Incidentally (unrelated) "void GR_UnixGraphics::scroll(UT_sint32 dx,
UT_sint32 dy)" looks like it might break or at least be suboptimal
with GTK 2. You may even be able to just use gdk_window_scroll() to do


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