Bonobo property bags

Is there a reason why setting multiple properties with bonobo_pbclient_set
are done one at a time? i.e.
bonobo_pbclient_set uses (idl function) Bonobo_PropertyBag_setValue instead
of Bonobo_PropertyBag_setValues ( note the s on the end ).
The problem I have is this.  I have a periodically executing simulator that
uses a property bag as it's external interface.  This simulator takes in
several parameters to control it, but these parameters must all be set
simultaneously else they could represent an invalid command if half are set
and the other half are not when the simulation "time tick" occurs.  This
would be solved it setValues ( note the s ) was used.
Looking back over the history of the property bag idl, I noticed that the
setValues function is a new function.  It has been implemented in the
bonobo_property_bag side but not the bonobo_pbclient... side.  Is this
something that is still being developed? or has it been abandoned?
Should I stay away from property bags / bonobo for this application?

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