Re: Orbit and Metacity

Michael Meeks wrote:

	:-) I think this may be down to enabling IPv6 - but I believe that
Elliot Lee fixed this:

2002-09-25  Michael Meeks  <michael ximian com>

	* Version 0.5.4

2002-08-23  Elliot Lee  <sopwith redhat com>

	* src/linc-protocols.c: Don't turn on IPv6 name resolution when we
	are trying to resolve an IPv4 host name - instead, turn it off. Also
	try to make use of all addresses that gethostbyname returns, not
	just the first. (Fixes a bug with connecting to a host that
	has both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.)

	Do you have linc-0.5.4 ? ( or I think the Redhat 8.0 packages have this
built-in )
I initially detected the problem with linc-0.5.4.
I am now using linc-0.7.0 but that does not solve the problem.

The strange part is that a few minutes ago I was experimenting with
*different settings of ORBIIOPUSock, **ORBIIOPIPv6**, **ORBIIOPIPv4*
and it started working with settings that used to fail. After a few minutes
it stopped working and now it is back again.  Houps no! it fails again.

What should I do? Shoot myself :-)



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