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I would suggest to you to use Glade to design the interface and Anjuta to
edit the code, with devHELP added you will have most of the GTK and GNOME
API documented...

Glade should allow you to quickly desing a file selector interface and put
the bonobo objects of Nautilus in Place. You could quickly make a look and
feel interface, take a snapshot and show it to people to discuss. Then you
can write the code that make the interface actually work...

I think cTree is dead (not sure) and has been replaced by something much
more efficient, but in short you should use the same widget a the one in use
in Nautilus Tree view on the nautilus left pane.


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Since I like the file chooser I wrote for Motif, I'd be willing to take
a crack at defining an API and writing a first draft.  Couple of questions

What's a mime icon?

By directory tree, do you mean a ctree at the left?

What's libegg?  I'm still in the gtk 1.2 world.

I like the nautilus view idea.  Have to think about that.

Where can I find documentation on using plugins in glib?

Oh, by the way, the one I wrote for Motif had string completion.
Any suggestion as to what key should be used for this?  I'm
thinking control-Tab for now.

	-ed falk
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