Re: Extended attributes, Linux and GNOME

This is the behavior I'd like:

Say you got your /var mounted without EA support, but your /home mounted with EA support.

Nautilus should use .nautilus-metafiles in /var. Nautilus should use EAs in /home. Perhaps Nautilus may keep a copy of the metadata as .nautilus-metafiles in /home, but use EAs as the primary source. So if

Righty, that would be necessary for any kind of reliability - but then
its a waste.  I'd think it better to just wait for user-space to fully
support EA's, then let Nautilus/GVFS switch over to them completely
(when on file-systems that support it).

Look, I can't get through my thick skull that you don't understand *fundamentally why* I'm advocating for early EA adoption.

The current behavior (metafiles) is sloppy, is NOT reliable and won't EVER be reliable. Writable directories get littered by .nautilus-metafiles. Non-writable directories don't get their properties set in system-wide fashion. The security semantics for attributes to which you don't have access is unclear. EA solves that. *AS a fallback*, perhaps Nautilus would be interested to store a backup in $HOME, but as you can see, backups in $HOME (the CURRENT behavior) are worth crock in shared directory scenarios. Maybe that would seem wasteful to you. Me, I'd rather avoid storing any backup data and directly store EAs on volumes that support it. The backup is an answer to your problem (which fundamentally doesn't exist, because, as the current situation stands, manipulating files without Nautilus may automatically yield invalid metafiles. I agree the fileutils family doesn't directly support EAs yet, but be sure that they won't ever directly support nautilus metafiles)

I don't see how waiting for userspace tools to support EAs is going to yield an advantage. If at all, it's worse for EA filesystems because we wouldn't be supporting adoption.

EAs are a clean solution.

Also be good to have Nautilus/Gnome-VFS be capable of recognizing when
moving/copying files between different mount points, and converting
attr's between xml dotfiles and EA's - also warn when security
permissiosn (ACL's, etc.) will be lost or modified.

Evidently. This is already done at some extent (copying files to volumes which don't support chmods).

you decide to downgrade to Red Hat 5.2 tomorrow (exaggeration), everything would still work and your data would be safe.

As you can see, EAs and most other things are per-volume options, not per-computer.
Yes, I know.  I actually run all my systems with kernels patched for
EA's - I find them rather useful especially on my servers w/ web and MUD
directories (the ACL's bit of EA's, anyways).

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