Re: libzvt gdk-target independent?

fre, 04.04.2003 kl. 20.15 skrev Sebastian Ley:
> Hi,
> I am workking on a gtk frontend for the debian installer. We decided
> to use the directfb target for gdk. Since directfb does not support a
> change of vt presently, we need another way to provide shell sccess to
> the user.
> I tried the zvt library but it seems that it depends on the
> X functions of gdk and pango. Is that right? Are there plans to make
> libzvt target independent?
No, but there are plans for taking it out behind the barn and putting it
out of it's misery... :-)

Seriously, I think both terminal widgets have targeted full i18n support
etc, which makes them both depend on pango->gtk->gdk->glib at least.
There are probably other dependencies for other features as well and I
don't see that changing in the future :-/

libzvt is deprecated, vte is the preferred terminal widget in GNOME
these days.


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