Re: libzvt gdk-target independent?

* Kjartan Maraas wrote:

> > I tried the zvt library but it seems that it depends on the X
> > functions of gdk and pango. Is that right? Are there plans to make
> > libzvt target independent?
> Seriously, I think both terminal widgets have targeted full i18n
> support etc, which makes them both depend on pango->gtk->gdk->glib
> at least.  There are probably other dependencies for other features
> as well and I don't see that changing in the future :-/

Depending on gdk or pango is not the problem. What is problematic is
that zvt and vte depend on the x11 target of gdk and the Xft library
bindings of pango. I am not very familiar with gtk/gdk/pango, but I
thought it was a desirable goal to be able to use gtk applications for
every target supported by gdk.

I just wanted to know if you broke this target-independancy because
you needed these low-level access to library functions or you were not
aware of it...

However, if now zvt and vte won't wotk for me, do you know another
terminal emulator, which does not need X11 functions?

Sebastian Ley

Fingerprint: A46A 753F AEDC 2C01 BE6E  F6DB 97E0 3309 9FD6 E3E6

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