Building off Medusa

Hello all,

I've tried out medusa, and I'm pretty impressed by the flexibility of
the queries and the searching speed.  Incremental indexing and file
watching would be really nice, as would integration into

The plan that Seth has outlined and the work that Curtis is doing on
integrating medusa into nautilus covers just almost all of my
requirements for an indexer.  I'd be keen to try out when they're

The only things that haven't been mentioned specifically that I would
like to see are:

* Content indexers for pdf, openoffice and word docuements.  If it
  really is quite simple to add support for these (e.g. by specifying
  command line tools to call) and someone could tell me where to look
  in the code, I'd be happy to work on this.

* Fuzzy accent searching.  Maybe medusa does this already, but it
  would be nice if there was an option to search for accented version
  of letters in the search string as well as the letters themselves.  

All the best,


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