Re: libzvt gdk-target independent?

Hi Sebastian,

On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 10:24, Sebastian Ley wrote:
> > 	I believe there is a zvt2 that uses pango to render with;
> > there is also 'vte' which is a new terminal widget whose one
> > redeeming feature is that it renders utf-8 nicely. That seems to be
> > the trendy way ahead - you might want to poke at it (in CVS) - it's
> > the basis of the new gnome-terminal.
> No, unfortunatly these two libs depend on gdk-x11...

	Interesting; I guess that's for some fallback / non-pango mode (?) if
so I imagine the authors would quite possibly accept a patch to allow a
non-X mode,



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