Alleyoop - a GNOME2 front-end for Valgrind

This past week I've been spending a few hours a night hacking on a
front-end for Valgrind (a memory debugger for Linux x86: ), called Alleyoop.

I haven't felt it was too ready for public consumption until tonight.

A screenshot of the main UI can be found at:

You can download the src package at:

Since it is likely non-obvious how to get src-preview loading to work,
let me try to explain it here:

Since alleyoop's symtab code is a bit broken with reguards to resolving
debug symbols (in order to get the full path names for the src files), I
have implemented both command-line arguments and a shell environment
variable in which you can give alleyoop hints as to where to look for


like LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH, you can set a : delimited list of path
names that alleyoop can use to find src files that you'd be interested
in viewing a src preview for (and/or so you can have alleyoop launch an
editor on the src file).

-I, --include

these are command-line argument which you can use when launching
alleyoop in order to provide the same hints. You can pass as many of
these arguments as you like.

Note: paths passed to alleyoop with -I or --include are scanned *first*,
before those listed in the ALLEYOOP_INCLUDE_PATH environment when
looking for a src file, so if there is a "main.c" src file that you are
most interested in being able to view, list that as the first -I
argument to alleyoop.

(TODO: eliminate duplicate paths between the command-line and env?)

Known Bugs

- The symbol table code needs work (please just use the workarounds
mentioned above)

- the menus don't have accel's

- cut/copy/paste don't work (ideas on what these should do might be

- the suppressions viewer/editor are not HIG compliant (or at least I
doubt they are)

- the editor setting in the prefs dialog is not used yet (should I
create a new menu item for this one? or should I eliminate the current
editors I have listed and just have a single menu item for launching an
editor and have it use the one specified in the settings?)

- the search widget doesn't work


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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