Re: Building off Medusa

FAM does not support recursive monitoring, which means you have to add a
monitor for every directory to receive notification of changes to those
files. According to the FAM FAQ, you can only have 1024 active
"requests", which means you can only monitor up to 1024 directories. My
computer has more than 30000 directories... so I don't see how it would
be possible to use FAM to receive notification of changes across my
whole filesystem.


Well, I don't know about your experience in FAM's regard, but I can assure you I have monitored thousands of directories without problem. I don't care if it was using dnotify or not, I just used the command-line notification tool which is in SGI's OSS projects web site, and it worked. And it didn't have any noticeable performance impact.

Thousands. I have the feeling that FAM does NOT open each directory to be monitored. I would understand your concerns if it did

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