Trivial patches on b.g.o covers dust.


First of all happy easter to you all.

In the past days I went through a bunch of b.g.o entries and detected
various trivial patches for GNOME modules which are meant to make GNOME
usage more pleasing and I wonder why they are not making their way on

- Fixes for Toolbar,
- HIGified User Interfaces,
- Fixes that bring up the esthetics of applications,
- and various other more or less trivial things.

Many of these entries are weeks if not months old and I wonder why no
one bothers to apply them. Some patches are even shown up duplicate
because other people re-made the same things too and yet there is
nothing happening with these things.

I hope I don't get blamed for bringing this concerns up here but this is
seriously a sign to worry for. I know people come up with the excuse
that there are other 'more important' things to be done. But seeing the
general speed and committs to CVS gives me the impression that there
aren't that much 'important' things, so there must be time enough to
review and apply the already existing things. Specially the really
trivial ones.


Ali Akcaagac

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