Re: Trivial patches on b.g.o covers dust.

> In the past days I went through a bunch of b.g.o entries and detected
> various trivial patches for GNOME modules which are meant to make 
> GNOME usage more pleasing and I wonder why they are not making their 
> way on CVS.
> - Fixes for Toolbar,
> - HIGified User Interfaces,
> - Fixes that bring up the esthetics of applications,
> - and various other more or less trivial things.

I'm new to this list, but i would like to say, that i agree with Ali. We
have discussed the problems with the patches in b.g.o in the last few
days in a more privat group in irc. I think that this little fixes can
be ablied easily and the general usability of gnome will profit from
this patches.

> Many of these entries are weeks if not months old and I wonder why no
> one bothers to apply them. Some patches are even shown up duplicate
> because other people re-made the same things too and yet there is
> nothing happening with these things.

The people that write this patches, wouldnt write new ones, if this happens 2 or 3 times. It doesn't make sense to write patches if the wouldn't get applied.

Finaly i hope that some of the core developers can comment the mail from Ali, because this is a important topic and we should discuss it.

> greetings,
> Ali Akcaagac

Best regards
Hans-Peter Schadler

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