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Are there any screenshots of this?

See ya

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 01:19, Wouter van Marle wrote:
> SquirrelFax is reaching maturity! 
> New features: 
> - support for HylaFax 
> - support for starting and stopping fax send and receive services 
> What is SquirrelFax? 
> SquirrelFax is a computer fax client, targeted at gnome office. 
> SquirrelFax allows you to easily manage your faxes (delete incoming
> and outgoing faxes, resend faxes, save faxes as pdf file, and print
> via gv (ghostscript's ps/pdf viewer)), send faxes from existing ps or
> pdf files, and send faxes directly from via a simple
> fax interface. 
> Furthermore it can read the fax numbers from your Evolution and
> Gnomecard address books - if you use both address books, no problem:
> SquirrelFax simply reads both and shows you all available numbers. 
> SquirrelFax is written by Wouter van Marle, and released under the
> terms of the GPL. The software is written in Python, so it requires a
> working install of Python (developed in Python 2.2, unknown about
> older versions - newer versions should work) with the python-gnome and
> libglade libraries as well. 
> Download from
> Sorry, no screen-shots available. 
> The user interface is also not finalised - one major change is that I
> want to bring it to Gnome2. Looks a bit better I think, and has some
> neat extra features. By the time that is done I will also think of a
> homepage with screen-shots and the like. 
> Any feed-back is highly appreciated! 
> - bugs 
> - feature requests 
> - success stories 
> - problems 
> etc. 
> Wouter van Marle.
     Charles Iliya Krempeaux, BSc
     charles reptile ca

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