RE: Trivial patches on b.g.o covers dust.

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 17:48, Kjartan Maraas wrote:
> Like for all things in universe resources are not infinite. If you think
> the bugsquad needs to work faster, you need to join in the fun :-)

Well I am willing to go through the list of bugs one by one as I did now
and report to the mailinglists if you wish.

> > gtk+ and libgnomeui toolbar fixes
> > ---------------------------------
> This is pending Owen's feedback I guess

Yes, would be good to have that one in CVS HEAD. It doesn't hurt anyways
because it will get replaced by libegg toolbar anyways one day so you
don't trash anything for future implementations. you only add 4 chars in
the toolbarcode and change the style in the object to GTK_STYLE_NONE or
something. What takes so long to have that one in CVS ? It's obvious
that it solves the problem.

> This one is on Anders' plate?

Ditto. Wasn't it meant that libgnomeui should go away anyways ? So imo
it's save to apply that patch as well there for the meanwhile. It should
get replaced with the libegg one too as stated on an email some montsh
back. So you can't trash anything and the look of GNOME is more
pleasing. Better apply the patches today than in 2 months.

> The bonobo toolbar one has been commited to HEAD and was rejected for
> 2.2.x by the release team.

The bonobo one is in HEAD now.

> > Would be pretty nice if someone could finally sent these patches to CVS.
> > I'm getting tired applying these things manually here whenever I compile
> > CVS GNOME. All in all it's less than 15 chars changes in 2 files and we
> > all benefit from more esthetics in the Toolbar.

That's still valid one.

> > gnome-terminal easy-closes

Havoc already commented on this, maybe the bugsquad could apply these
patches as of 'now' and close them.

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