RE: Trivial patches on b.g.o covers dust.

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 11:53, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> One more thing: If you have confirmed that these bugs still exist
> then it is probably a good idea to move them from GNOMEVER2.2 to
> GNOMEVER2.3. But again, that's an issue for the bugsquad.

Good point. It would be nice and actually urgently required that the
bugsquad takes actions that something actually happens with these
patches. If they are not accepted by the Maintainers then they should go
and close them and don't leave them open for 6 months or longer. The
patches may not apply anymore or are simply not valid anymore. But
leaving them that way on there without any attention is simply not the
best thing to do. But there must be some action happening there and
people with more influence should really keep an eye on these things. I
only discovered 100-150 patches covering dust on b.g.o and I bet if the
bugsquad and the maintainers themselves would care more for them then we
would all benefit from having these things applied. But as long as we
only shift the things from one gnome version to another then I don't see
the point why people should still submit patches.

> Thanks for the input, though I do think it's probably best to put specific
> comments in specific bugs.

Well, commenting the bug is one possibility but this doesn't say
anything that the Maintainer cares for them or have them reviewed and/or
applied. Best thing is to close stuff older than 1 year and/or close
patches older than 6 months (I bet after 6 months they don't apply
anyways anymore).

> Some patches/bugs don't seem to get the attention they deserve, and it
> should be improved to encourage more contributors and more contributions.

Yes I really like to encourage the people to take care of these things.
Let me add the last bugs that I went through on b.g.o to at least not
have wasted my time to much. I can only hope that some of them at least
show up before x-mas so we can benefit from them. I would appreciate if
you could forward these things to the bugsquad people but I'm quite sure
they read these things anyways here.

gtk+ and libgnomeui toolbar fixes

Would be pretty nice if someone could finally sent these patches to CVS.
I'm getting tired applying these things manually here whenever I compile
CVS GNOME. All in all it's less than 15 chars changes in 2 files and we
all benefit from more esthetics in the Toolbar.

gnome-terminal easy-closes

how about those, many of these patches got a 'looks good' and nothing
more happened with them. if they look good then please put them on CVS
so we all can benefit from them. some are simply things waiting to get
closed :)

gnome panel

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