Re: Trivial patches on b.g.o covers dust.

On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 01:41:25PM +0200, Waldgeist wrote: 
> I really agree with Ali here.. especially Nautilus seems to go on very 
> slowly (in important areas), in that case it is very dangerous to 
> frighten interested developers away with ignoring their patches by not 
> even say something about them.. (especially if the patches would clear 
> out issues that were mentioned by many users..)

You're going to help with bug days then, right?

For nautilus specifically see:

Help is needed, there's a limit to how much the maintainers can do.

Of course the *best* help would be to find new maintainers of specific
nautilus areas or other swamped modules. i.e. break up modules
further. Not clear where nautilus would naturally subdivide.


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