Re: gnome conflicts with lm-sensors; gnome-settings-daemon can not restart

El lun, 04-08-2003 a las 09:49, Zeno Davatz escribió:
> Hi List 
> I installed lm-sensors 2.8.0 on my Debian PPC. 
> After some Installation I rebooted my Maschine an now I get follwoing 
> errors:
>  -My Panel is gone
>  -While startup of Gnome I get: Gnome-Settings-Daemon has been restarted to 
> often... Then Gnome can not start properly ie: there is no Panel, My 
> Sylpheed-Claws crashes when I hit the reply button telling me it can not 
> find my german aspell file... 
> My question is:
> 1. What can I do to reinstall Gnome-Settings-Daemon? Is there a Debian 
> Package for that? I reinstalled Gnome and Gnome-core, I also updated my 
> Unstable system with the newest packages. 

gnome-settings-dameon is part of the gnome-control-center Debian package

> Thanks for your Feedback. 
> Zeno

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