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  • "X +bs" bug with ggv and others (gnome-canvas?), Fabio Gomes de Souza
  • getting the mime type for a non-existant file, Manuel Clos
  • BUG NAG: 7116 bugs open on bugzilla.gnome.org, Elliot Lee
  • of gtk_scrolled_window's viewports and clipping, Dr. David Alan Gilbert
  • Gnome-2.4.0-beta1, Stephane Wirtel
  • GNOME pty support, Chris Parker
  • Window gravity bug?, Gustavo J A M Carneiro
  • Dependencies list, Robin Cook
  • BUG NAG: 7077 bugs open on bugzilla.gnome.org, Elliot Lee
  • Programming Hover Magnification, Jonathan A. Zdziarski
  • Initialisation and GConf problems, Dave Malcolm
  • gnome_date_edit_new problem, Donald Anderson
  • Getting local offset of GnomeCanvasItem to GnomeCanvasGroup, Kang Jeong-Hee
  • GUADEC 5 - Host Wanted!, Glynn Foster
  • BUG NAG: 7087 bugs open on bugzilla.gnome.org, Elliot Lee
  • Preventing applet from showing up in login splash?, Ole Laursen
  • Simple Automake question, Ole Laursen
  • Canvas: Detecting Enter/Leave of an item while dragging another ..., Steve Smith
  • automake version used in gnome-common, Jean Schurger
  • Re: gnome help support, Robert Parkhurst
  • Request for patch to 89838 to be applied, Shaun McCance
  • gnome conflicts with lm-sensors; gnome-settings-daemon can not restart, Zeno Davatz
  • BUG NAG: 7056 bugs open on bugzilla.gnome.org, Elliot Lee
  • Best simple sound API?, Ole Laursen
  • A bug in gnome-menu, Funda Wang
  • issue with tooltips and key accelerator, Hilaire Fernandes
  • Waiting on gnome_execute_async, Spencer Buckner
  • Re: GObject-based streams redux, Malcolm Tredinnick

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