Re: Simple Automake question

On 07/08/03 05:51, Ole Laursen wrote:


I need a bit of advice on how to define a constant in more than one Currently, I have

 pixmaps/    pixmapdir = $(datadir)/$(PACKAGE)/pixmaps
 src/        pixmapdir = $(datadir)/$(PACKAGE)/pixmaps            pixmapdir = $(datadir)/$(PACKAGE)/pixmaps

since the source needs to know where to find the pixmaps and the
pixmaps/Makefile needs to know where to install them. Naturally, I
would like to get rid of the first two definitions and only define the
path in the toplevel

It appears to be easy. But how?
If you are using a modern automake (not 1.4), you can put the following in your
   include $(top_srcdir)/

And automake will expand that when creating the (so you can even put automake directives into the included file).


Email: james daa com au

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