of gtk_scrolled_window's viewports and clipping

  If I have a gtk_drawing_area stuffed inside a gtk_scrolled_window
(using gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport) what are the limits
on the size of the scrollable region?

And lets say I have a scrollable region of 10M pixels and I've got
a 1000 pixel wide window looking at it; their is a line in my
doucment that is the entire width of the widget (i.e. 10M pixels).

Will Gdk/Gtk/Gnome cope with me trying to draw that or are there
any limits imposed by them or the underlying windowing
system even though I'm only actually drawing 1000 pixels on the
real display?


P.S. This question was actually prompted by a 'be careful' note
in the Qt docs telling you to clip things to sensible ranges
(like 4000ish pixels) in the app before asking for them to
be rendered and since I'm writing an app for both KDE and Gnome
I wondered if there were similar issues.

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