Programming Hover Magnification


I am new to this list, so please forgive me if someone else has already
asked similar questions.  I am interested in seeing if I can code my own
little hack to gnome to implement the hover-icon-magnify type of
behavior OSX illustrates when you hover over an icon on the lower panel
of the desktop.  To my understanding, this is still performed using
raster image resizing.  My questions are:

- Could someone point me to a good starting point (perhaps the existing
code in the source-tree where icons are lit up on hover).  I'm by no
means a gnome code expert, but don't see this as a very difficult hack

- Does anyone know the behavior of the panel should a single icon be
enlarged?  My main concern is that I'll code it, and then when you hover
over the icon the whole panel will grow larger to accommodate the new
icon.  If there is such a limitation, I'd rather know ahead of time and
perhaps try to find a workaround.

Thanks in advance,


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