Re: A bug in gnome-menu

On 2003-08-04(Mon) 10:11:48 +0200, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> Le dim 03/08/2003 à 23:04, Funda Wang a écrit :
> > Hello,
> >     Could somebody take a look at the following bug?
> >
> Why are you asking GNOME people to look into Mandrake package bug
> ???????

Fred, as I've noted in that report, it looks like gnome-panel has
something to do with it. Just that I don't know Funda is really posting
it here.

It's about gnome-panel/quick-desktop-reader.c forcefully convert Name=
or Comment= fields into UTF-8 if the locale name includes charset in it,
ignoring any Encoding= field present in the desktop file.


> If you want to add something to the bug, do it on our bugzilla database,
> don't bother GNOME people with this kind of things !
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