Re: "X +bs" bug with ggv and others (gnome-canvas?)

Owen Taylor wrote:

The theme capplet problem is unrelated to backing store, it was
a bug in GTK+-2.2.2 that is fixed in GTK+-2.2.3.

Hmm. Thanks. :)

No idea about GGV... if it really is backing-store related, than
all I can imagine is that it is buggy and somehow doesn't know
to redraw until it gets the right expose event. Note that GGV
is using ghostscript in some way to do the drawing, so it may
not be related to GTK+ at all.

When I remove +bs from X command line, GGV works normally. I will test Ghostscript manually to see if the problem persists.

I don't really understand your overall problem - I'd assume that VNC would keep a complete screen image and not require any
network traffic for exposes at the client side.

It does not keep the image. It handles X update events by grabbing the image from the network instead of some internal buffer. :(


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