Re: Gnome-2.4.0-beta1

Le mer 20/08/2003 à 20:09, Spundun Bhatt a écrit : 
> I just installed it on my gentoo box and I see the dialog box before I
> manage to release F2 (meaning its fast enough to beat my speed). So I
> guess its some problem specific to your installation/distro/machine. May
> be your could provide details of your distro and the way you installed
> gnome (garnome?)
> All the best.
> p.s.: I am not sure if this is the list for this discussion, may be some
> of the more active members could direct this to a correct one).
hi Spundun

i have a gentoo as you, my cpu is a AMD Athlon-XP 2200+ with 256Mb of
RAM. It's a laptop, and my CFLAGS is "-march=athlon-xp -O2".

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