Re: Re: (in)SECURITY: mozilla-bonobo


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> I am not sure we can rely on gnome-vfs, even if it is able to do that.
> In most case, AFAIK, mozilla-bonobo relies on mozilla to determine the
> mime-type and does not know the url. Christaian Glodt could tell us more
> about that.

It does in fact know the url. The mime-type is received from the server.
>From that mime-type, the default viewer is instantiated using the
gnome_vfs_mime_get_default_component() function.

There's a fallback: if the above doesn't work, bonobo_widget_new_control()
is used to get a component for the file (which means that gnome-vfs determines
the "real" mime type from the file name and returns an instance of the
default viewer component for that mime-type).

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Christian Glodt

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