gnome-common and automake-1.4

In trying to get the latest version of gnumeric installed, I've had to install several other updated libraries.  I've gotten down to gnome-common, which I hope is the last.

I tried several automake packages, and none was acceptable to the process.  I finnaly reinstalled the version refered to in macros2/, which is convienently spewed out when autogen fails.  This automake did not work out of the box.  I had to create symlinks from /bin/automake to /bin/automake-1.4, and /bin/aclocal to /bin/aclocal-1.4 before it would configure.

Does someone do an automake distribution that provides the *-1.4 links I created?  I noticed that automake-1.7 has the *-1.7 on the binaries already.

---  turns out gnome-common is not the last requirement, but thats another story.

Thanks for your time,

Perry Gilfillan
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