Including PDF et al. documentation in scrollkeeper/yelp

For the past few days I have been developing an Nautilus view that shows
a hierarchy of documentation (pdf, ps, html) that have been registered,
i.e. using a special URL docdb:, new references to documentation can be
added with 'docdb-install', similar to 'install-info' for texinfo
documentation. This already quite well, however I had the idea add those
types of doc to scrollkeeper (yelp). This works well with simple HTML
documentation by creating an .omf file.
However Yelp will not be able to show complex HTML doc (with javascript
etc...) and pdf resp. ps files. Maybe one could adapt yelp to use the
default application for mime types 'application/pdf' and
'application/ps' or, better yet, use the bonobo components of gpdf and
ggv, and for general HTML, epiphany.
Then packagers could create .omf files for the packages, the
documentation of which normally doesn't fit into the GNOME documentation
system, and as part of the post install script run
'scrollkeeper-install' just like they would run 'install-info'.

I am crossposting this on fedora-devel-list, because Fedora as a
distribution might use it for its many packages with documentation in
/usr/share/doc that is not conventiently made available to the user.

Gérard Milmeister
Tannenrauchstrasse 35
8038 Zürich
gemi bluewin ch

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