Re: Having applications open on the 'launcher' workspace

I can see how this could bug you.  But I guess I have grown to adapt to
this.  I launch the application, and can switch workspaces quick enough
so the program launches in the workespace i want it to be in.  Ofcourse
it helps to have a slow computer and launching evolution takes a while.

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 21:47, Antoine D wrote:
> Hi all,
> First of all I hope this is the proper list to be discussing this. If
> not please accept my apologies and redirect me ;)
> I've been wanting to work on gnome for some time and thought I'd start
> with the one bug that keeps nagging me, mainly that applications don't
> open on the workspace that launches them (i.e.: launch
> epiphany/evolution/gnome-terminal and switch workspace, it will open on
> the current workspace). My initial guess was to fix this in metacity,
> but it seems the problem may actually be coming from the state of
> startup notification in gnome (which should be giving metacity the
> workspace information right?). I'm willing to work on this (well at
> least try) and would love some orientation. Unless this bug has been
> fixed in recent CVS?
> So basically here's my first question, what is the current state of the
> startup-notification library? How much does it currently implement of
> the preliminary draft available on More questions to
> come if what I'm saying makes any sense (it being close to 4AM in Paris
> and all).
> Regards,
> Antoine
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