Having applications open on the 'launcher' workspace

Hi all,
First of all I hope this is the proper list to be discussing this. If
not please accept my apologies and redirect me ;)
I've been wanting to work on gnome for some time and thought I'd start
with the one bug that keeps nagging me, mainly that applications don't
open on the workspace that launches them (i.e.: launch
epiphany/evolution/gnome-terminal and switch workspace, it will open on
the current workspace). My initial guess was to fix this in metacity,
but it seems the problem may actually be coming from the state of
startup notification in gnome (which should be giving metacity the
workspace information right?). I'm willing to work on this (well at
least try) and would love some orientation. Unless this bug has been
fixed in recent CVS?
So basically here's my first question, what is the current state of the
startup-notification library? How much does it currently implement of
the preliminary draft available on freedesktop.org? More questions to
come if what I'm saying makes any sense (it being close to 4AM in Paris
and all).


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