Re: Binary Compatibility question

Hi Edwin,

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 03:43, Edwin wrote:
> > Your original post did not really nail down what your problem was,
> > though. Was the rpm not installing because rpm wanted the
> > requirement to be satisfied, or were there runtime linking problems?
> Both. Since the executable's linked against liblinc, it needs to find it
> at runtime even if we won't be calling any functions in it, so ignoring
> the RPM warnings won't help. 

	The RPM shouldn't be requiring linc; and the app shouldn't be linking
against 'linc' directly either; it should just link against ORBit2,
which should pull in linc at link time (no pun intended).

	That should work on Linux systems everywhere; failing that, requiring
the liblinc1 on Mdk may help (though as you say the app doesn't need/use
linc itself).

	Either way - ABI/API compatibility is really important to us - so, no
you certainly shouldn't have to re-compile anything to make it run on a
later platform.



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