Re: Binary Compatibility question

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 14:42, Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi Edwin,
> On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 03:43, Edwin wrote:
> > > Your original post did not really nail down what your problem was,
> > > though. Was the rpm not installing because rpm wanted the
> > > requirement to be satisfied, or were there runtime linking problems?
> > 
> > Both. Since the executable's linked against liblinc, it needs to find it
> > at runtime even if we won't be calling any functions in it, so ignoring
> > the RPM warnings won't help. 
> 	The RPM shouldn't be requiring linc; and the app shouldn't be linking
> against 'linc' directly either; it should just link against ORBit2,
> which should pull in linc at link time (no pun intended).

I never explicitly link to liblinc. I link to the libraries proposed by
pkg-config for libgnomeui-2.0, which appear to include -llinc. However
*even if I hack the makefile to remove that reference*, ldd still shows
a reference to liblinc. As I understand it, at link time the linker
decides that the version of ORbit2 it can see needs linc, so the final
program needs linc too, even if the ORBit2 it picks up at run time
doesn't really need it.

Similarly at RPM build time the only dependency I explicitly specify is
gnome-libs. RPM expands that to include everything that gnome-libs
requires *on the system where the RPM is built*, which in my case
includes linc.
If I'm mistaken and I there's some way I can work around this, I'd be
delighted to hear it.


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