Re: Embeding a Bonobo object in a Gtk Window

On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 09:34, Shmyrev wrote:
> Probably, you simply forgot to check errors, for example, instead
> ui_comp = bonobo_ui_component_new ("OAFID:Nautilus_Tree_View");
> you should write
> ui_comp = bonobo_ui_component_new ("OAFIID:Nautilus_Tree_View");
> But there are other problems to, try to write a complete _working_ example 
> like attached. For example, the activation of Nautilus_Tree_View requires 
> eel_preferences_init () call. I think, this is nautilus bug.

Nautilus_Tree_View is not a public API, and we don't give any guarantees
on API stability, or general workingness outside of Nautilus.

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