Re: Why file content sniffing sucks

On Wed, 2003-12-24 at 10:59 -0500, Pat Smith wrote:

>   As a long time Gnome user, I kind of question the need for forcing
> what should be an optional feature on the user base. 

Why should it be an optional feature?
[ ] Use really broken file identification based on extension type that
can never be fixed
[ ] Use file identification based on contents of file that can be fixed
by tweaking algorithm

Hmmm, great options there.
How do you ID the following files

Hmmm, dunno, dunno, oh jpg...whoops, no, it was an executable trojan
renamed to a jpg to trick me into running it.

Short less facetious answer: File content sniffing is less broken than
any other method of IDing a filetype, and if it is broken, then the
algorithm needs tweaking to make it better. It is not an "optional
feature" and doesn't need to be.


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