Re: Why file content sniffing sucks

"Leandro A. F. Pereira" <leandro linuxmag com br> writes:

> An idea would be, when opening the file, do the check based on
> content, and, if they differ, warn the user. If not, just open the
> file with the appropriate viewer/editor/whatever.

I don't really see a reason to shift the file type detection in such a
case to the filemanager. If the file is broken and unusable the
application will fail to open it and give an error message. In such a
case it should of course be relativly easy for the user to go back to
the filemanager do a right-click and 'Detect file type on Content'
thing. If the file can be opened or not however should be decided by
the application, not by the filemanager, doing that would just result
in cases where the application supports a file, but the filemanager
does not know that, say version 2 of an fileformat is already support
by an application, but not yet by the filetype detection plugin, which
only supports version 1. This would just result in irritating error
messages. However having some standard on how application can report
back the status of opening the file would be nice, as I see it today
some application would exit with error code 1, some other would just
open a message-box and start-up like normal, etc.

> Speed is one of the reasons I don't use nautilus, too. I prefer rox

/me too :)

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