Re: Suggestion for file type detection approach

A slightly different approach would be to allow people to specify directories in which they wish to rely on file suffixes and directories in which they wish to utilise content based guessing. In the majority of cases, in my experience, the directories that take 20 years to load are audio, video, and image directories. If a person is able to specify that each file's suffix in, or below, a certain directory should be trusted rather than opening the file and checking, then that would be nice. The default could be content-scanning with an option to disable it in certain user-specified directories.

In /home/stuart/mp3 I only put MP3s, so I would just say "Use file suffix for file-type determination in all directories below /home/stuart/mp3" and then it's all sorted, much faster loading times for those directories, and only wrong if I do something stupid myself.

The above would be useful in directories where the user is in control of the contents, not, for example, a p2p download directory.

I hope the above idea is considered, and perhaps even useful.

Stuart Gilbert.

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