Re: Suggestion for file type detection approach

> Today I made some tests to check the impact of sniffing in
> GNOME/Nautilus performance and I must confess I am very impressed. I
> installed GARNOME and modified GNOME VFS 2.5.3 to disable sniffing. I
> have some directories with thousands of 1~2MB files, so I was able to
> measure the time that nautilus takes to show these folders with and
> without sniffing. It's a simple test. You can do it yourself in minutes.

From what I remember from Nautilus code when I looked at it 1 or 2 years ago, 
there was a quick rendering of the directory, and the directory was 
rerendered using mime sniffing with a second (background) pass so it 
shouldn't affect Nautilus performance that much (it may have changed since I 
looked at it).

> -------------------------------------------------------
> Unknown File Type
> The system was unable to determine the type of this file by its name.
> Analysing its contents, it looks like a file of type "Gnumeric
> Spreadsheet" (application/x-gnumeric).
> What do you want to do?
> [ ] Rename the file, appending the ".gnumeric" suffix to match its type
> [x] Open the file with [Gnumeric_______][v] (dropdown/combobox)
>       [ ] Configure the system to always open unknown files that
>           look like "Gnumeric Spreadsheet" using this application
> [ ] Configure the system to always open unknown files with the most
>     probable associated application, when one is available
> [ CANCEL ] [ OK ]
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Note: [ ] = checkbox

This looks like the kind of dialogs which would totally scare me, I guess most 
people would be like "oh god, what did I do, I'm gonna break everything, 
let's press cancel and hope I didn't do something bad" (I would).


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