Re: Suggestion for file type detection approach

Yes, I think this is a better way.

James Su

Christian Neumair д:
On Do, 2003-12-25 at 14:48 -0300, Fabio Gomes wrote:

I've spent some time today thinking about the costs and benefits of the
two approaches used today in GNOME to determine the MIME Type of a file.

Thanks! We need such constructive input.

Also, I've done some experiments and tweakings to check the impact that file sniffing has over nautilus performance. It's impressive. See below.


Currently, these two approaches are combined in the directory listing of
Nautilus in a bit unclear manner. There seems to be some priority
mechanism to decide wether the type of a file will be decided by content
or suffix. However, the content is always read and tested.

Additionaly, there are some proposals of implementing some kind of
fallback, to test the contents of the file only when not able to
determine by suffix.

IMO, we could think a bit more and combine these two approaches in a way
very different from simply doing the two things when reading the


with sniffing    : 21 seconds
without sniffing : less than one second

I had similar difference with many folders of my machine, including
/lib, /usr/lib, etc.

OK, here my proposal:
We could do two runs. In the first run, we simply don't sniff at all and
show the files ("Unknown Type"). While it is shown, we could start a
second run that checks for the MIME type (either by content or by
extension, is it worth a GConf pref?) and determine the actual file


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