Re: Suggestion for file type detection approach

Christophe Fergeau <teuf gnome org> writes:

>> or provide a very easy way to circumvents it.
> Here we are, we need a usable way to open a file with a user chosen app.

But we need a way for the user to configure properlly how a filetype
itself should be handled and detected, not just a better "open with"

>> And it should especially be transparent, currenty I
>> have a bunch of files that get detected wrong, while pretty similar
>> files get detected correct, this is pretty damn confusing and
>> irritating.
> Can you point us at the corresponding bug reports in bugzilla ?

Its not about some files getting detected wrong, its about the whole
concept of filetype guessing being far from useable in its current form.

>> The suffix should be more authoritive than the content, at least in
>> some cases, ie when I name a .html, .xml file or whatever .txt, I want
>> it to be handled as plain text, not launch mozilla once I click on it.
> .html/.xml files should be handled as text/plain?

Aehm, no, a html or xml filed named as .txt should be handled as
plain-text, since its meant as text and should be viewed as that, that
its content looks more or less the same as that of a .html/.xml file
is just coincidence.

> Hmmm... It seems you are confusing proper behaviour and the way
> *you* want things to work to fit your habits.

If I can't configure Nautilus so behave the way I want, then something
is seriously broken. After all I don't want more features, I want to
switch some of them just off.

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