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El dom, 28-12-2003 a las 09:25, Jonathan Blandford escribió:
> Albert Mora <amora iua upf es> writes:
> > Hello everybody,
> > 
> > today I was playing with icon thems and I found something that was
> > illogical for my eyes: why the mime type for .ogg files is
> > "application/ogg" and "application/x-ogg"? Tthe most logical
> > (following mp3 example) should be "audio/ogg" and "audio/x-ogg",
> > shouldn't it?
> application/ogg is correct, and is defined in RFC 3534.  You can read
> more about it here:
> The basic rationale for this is that .ogg files encapsulate other data.
> The actual audio codec you're listening too when you listen to when you
> play an ogg file is called 'Vorbis'.  Confusing?  Why, yes it is.

It'll be a lot less confusing when Theora, the video codec using ogg,
has a finished spec and a beta 1 release, which will be sometime
relatively soon.


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